Competitive Intelligence

Train and tune matching algorithms. Know where you stand, and leverage the ability to change prices frequently based on intelligence.

Product Classification

Automate item shelving on your e-commerce portal by training your product classification algo. Utilize Taskmonk for exceptions when confidence of classifier is low.

Product Attribute Curation

Manually curate attribute information on product pages to improve discoverability and conversion.

Search Relevance

Increase accuracy of search algorithms by human judgement of search results.

Shelf Stocking and Management

Build computer vision models by annotating items at SKU level to identify stock shortages, misplaced items, incorrect pricing etc.

Visual Search

Identify objects in images to power search algorithms and generate more buying opportunities.


Drive personalization by improving recommendation algorithsms.

Attribute Extraction

Enrich your catalog by extracting attributes from images.

Autonomous Checkout

Identify objects in shopping carts and enable billing instantly to provide a frictionless shopping experience.

Sentiment Analysis

Unearth user intent from support calls, user reviews etc.


Train and test your chatbot with NER and POS tagging interfaces.