From Bounding Boxes to Lidar

2D Bounding Boxes

3D Bounding Boxes

Polygon Annotation

Polyline Annotation

Polyline Group

Video Object Tracking

Semantic Segmentation

Lidar Annotation

What does Taskmonk bring to Self-Driving Cars ?

At Taskmonk we believe that Optimization leads to higher productivity which generates "better" outcomes for everyone. Can we do it better? Is our only Task.

ML Assisted Labeling

Plug into object detection and auto-segmentation models from Taskmonk's marketplace.

Multiple Classes

The Taskflow Engine enables you to configure classes and attributes specific to your use case. Also, use Taskmonk's proprietary algorithms to improve annotator productivity

Pixel Level Annotation

Annotate with pixel-level accuracy using a number of tools and methods developed by Taskmonk