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Taskmonk is a Data Annotation platform for companies using AI / ML

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About Us

Taskmonk, is a cloud-based product that offers organizations a highly scalable, flexible and reliable platform for data annotation / labelling. Taskmonk is based on the idea that AI / ML companies should get products to market faster by concentrating on AI / ML code and not on tooling for data annotation and integration of data to back-end engineering systems

The idea for Taskmonk came about from when the founders Chetan and Sampath got together to resolve data related problems they were having in their own companies. Chetan a former founder of a 500+ people impact sourcing BPO faced technology challenges in servicing the wide variety of data projects he was handling for AI / ML companies. Sampath a former founder of a NLP startup which was acquired by Pega Systems faced challenges in distributing, acquiring and integrating quality annotated data into his back-end engineering systems.

Together they realized that providing a platform for data annotation will help AI / ML companies to execute and manage data annotation projects across annotation partners, and also empower annotation partners to annotate over a highly configurable best practice platform

What you can do with Taskmonk

Integrate with your engineering systems.
Start small, scale fearlessly.
Manage your vendors.
Discover Annotation Partners.
Create workflows with smart rules to assure quality.
Mulitple data types - One platform.
Free up Engineering.
Pay per Task, Platform fee=0.
Be in Sync with your customer with API
Start small,scale fearlessly.
Let your team develop custom UI, not developers.
Create workflows with smart rules to assure quality.
Manage your team with revalent metrics.
Mulitple data types and projects form customer - One platform.
Build trust with your customer with realtime reporting.
Pay per Task, Platform fee=0.

Discover Annotation Partners

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Chetan Velkur

Chief Executive Officer

Sampath Herga

Chief Technical Officer

Vikram Kedlaya

VP Engineering

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