Centralise Procurement of Labeled Data to create better Retail AI, faster

Single source of truth for eCommerce enterprises to get reliable data at the right time from the right AI data labeling teams.

Increase confidence and save time while building downstream AI driven products.

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Multifunctional collaborative labeling platform built for eCommerce firms

As a purpose-built eCommerce data labeling platform, Taskmonk’s no-code task builder empowers eCommerce enterprises to orchestrate labeling applications for any data type and collect high quality data across dispersed teams.

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2 Fortune

500 Retail Companies


3.5 Mn

Tasks per month

The #1 data labeling platform for AI-driven ecommerce teams

As an eCommerce AI team, you need to get label data for dozens of data sets to train models for use cases as diverse as search, attribute extraction, and multi-language chatbots.

It’s a lot of complexity to manage. That’s where Taskmonk comes in— we’re the only platform designed to help your team get the wide range of high-quality label data you need to train all your AI applications.

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Better eCommerce AI starts with Taskmonk

From our no-code workflow designer to AI-assisted task allocations, Taskmonk gives you smart tools to help you
boost efficiency and procure better label data faster up to 3x faster.

Orchestrate labeling projects for any data type

Create workflows and UI for any labeling task using our no-code data labeling platform. Deploy custom tasks in minutes for video, images, NLP, product taxonomies, and more.


Maximize labeling budget

Manage in-house, third-party, and hybrid labeling teams in a single place. Auto-assign tasks based on skill set, efficiency, or performance to get better data, faster.


Speed up data labeling

Use TaskMonk’s proprietary task allocation algorithms and ML-assisted labeling to procure more training data in record time while cutting your labeling costs.


Boost data

Set up quantitative and qualitative QC processes, create "smart" QC samples, and codify rules into your workflows to eliminate human error upfront.


Slash your cost per label by up to 26%

Built for enterprise eCommerce teams

Taskmonk was developed alongside some of the world’s biggest eCommerce companies to help them boost conversion rates, personalize customer experiences, deploy chatbots in multiple languages, and much more.

Competitive Intelligence

Product Classification

Product Attribute Curation

Search Relevance

Shelf Stocking & Management

Visual Search

Personalization & Recommendations

Attribution Extraction

Autonomous Checkout

Chatbot Training

Discover how Taskmonk saved a major
eCommerce retailer over $300,000!


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Return on investment

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Build better AI faster with Taskmonk

Create & modify labeling tasks in minutes without developers

Upload & update attribute lists to easily manage product catalogs

Deploy tasks automatically across teams & monitor progress in real-time

Connect to the world’s best models & update data instantly via API